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An In-Depth Look at Sustainability in Paper Production

Sustainable paper production

Since its invention under the Chinese Han Dynasty in 105 AD, paper has steadily become essential to our daily lives. With worldwide paper consumption projected to increase to 476 metric tons by 2032, its demand remains prominent, albeit with significant environmental concerns for the future. It begs the question–How can businesses address these worries and … Read more

How Turkey’s Leading Paper Packaging Expert Achieved Manufacturing Excellence


Olcan Kagit, established in 2022 and headquartered in Gaziantep, Turkey, is a company that strives to manufacture high-quality egg trays for its consumers. A dedication that is clearly visible through its sizable investments in securing a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, including a distributed architecture, centralized process control, process visualization systems, process control algorithms, safety systems, and … Read more

Transforming Stock Preparation Process for Leading Finnish Fiber-Based Solutions Provider Using Innovative Parason Deflakers

Testimonial Parason

“On this very positive experience, we would advise Parason Machinery as a highly experienced, qualified, and trustworthy manufacturer of equipment for glass fiber and paper pulp processing.” Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Finland Ahlstrom-Munksjö, located in Helsinki, Finland, is a leading player in developing sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions to substitute plastic and other harmful substances with paper.  The … Read more

Improving Quality and Strength of Paper for Leading Paper Mill through Innovative Disc Filter and Dispersion Systems

India’s Eco Tech Papers installs Parason Disc Filters and Dispersion Systems to develop aesthetically appealing, high-quality paper. Established in 2014, Eco Tech Papers is an Indian paper mill located in the state of Assam, renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of 100% recycled and eco-friendly multi layer Kraft Paper with a tremendous client base … Read more

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