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Centripetal Basket

Along with the Hole and Slotted type of screen basket, Parason also manufactures the Centripetal Basket.

The key benefits of the centripetal basket are that it has a large open screening surface that allows a larger amount of pulp filtration. The centripetal baskets have high sticky removal efficiency. It is built in such a way that it intakes less energy consumption.

Parason Centripetal Baskets are built with high stability by welded profile bars. It is suitable for all centripetal screening machines.

Centripetal Basket comes with Advanced rotor and screen basket design and technology that makes it well equipped with high screening efficiency. The centripetal screen basket performs the trouble-free operations because of its modular design and structure. The centripetal baskets are built by considering the need for low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

The centripetal screen baskets are based on the mechanism of the centripetal force that acts on a body that is moving in a circular path. It is directed towards the center of the basket. the pulp rotates in the basket and is filtered by removing impurities.

Other types of baskets available for pulp screening are Hole Screen Baskets and Slotted Screen Baskets. Each of these baskets has its special features. Different baskets can be used for different types of raw material.

Key Benefits:

  • Large open surface for screening
  • High efficiency for sticky removal
  • Lower energy consumption rates
  • Welded profile bars provide high stability
  • Suitable for all centripetal screening machines

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