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World’s No.1 Coffee Beans Discs Manufacturers

Parason Machinery is the world’s no. 1 manufacturer and supplier of refiner discs for coffee beans processing. Parason coffee bean discs are excellent quality refining equipment developed in our special research and development wing. Coffee bean disc is a part of coffee pulper machine that is used to produce refined coffee. Our extremely talented engineers work day in and out to develop high quality and technically sound refining equipment.

Coffee Beans Discs

How is coffee bean refining done?

The process for cleaning and refining raw coffee-beans is carried out by subjecting the coffee-beans to the scrubbing or brushing process by washing them. This is done to remove the dirt, dust, and other impurities in the beans.

In the coffee pulping process, the coffee-beans are scrubbed and cleaned by brushing them in water. This coffee bean refining and cleaning process is carried out perfectly when all the dirt particles are absorbed. The scrubbing and brushing process removes every bit of dirt and obtains clean beans. These coffee beans yield a large quantity of caffeine (up to more than 30%).

The cleaned and refined coffee beans give a rich taste and quality to the coffee. The process of cleaning and refining raw coffee beans is very crucial for extracting caffeine.

Best quality coffee bean discs for refining in coffee pulper

Parason manufacturers the best quality coffee bean discs for refining the coffee beans. Our in house research and development wing is focused on developing refining solutions that yield more output with less energy consumption.

Parason refiner plates are available in variable sizes to suit your refiners. Our refiner discs and plates are breakages, corrosion, and wear-resistant. All Parason refiner discs offer a long life service and low maintenance requirements.

Parason coffee bean refiner discs are the best coffee pulping machine that gives refined coffee beans for further processing.

High Quality Coffee Beans Discs Manufacturers

Special features & advantages of Parason coffee bean discs – 

  • Narrow bar width
  • Variable bar width range
  • High cutting edge length
  • Zero draft angle on the bar
  • High life (Re-milling possible)
  • Special metallurgy (17-4 PH)
  • Good fibrillation – consistent treatment

Parason ensures optimum results of the coffee bean refiner plates by –

  • Selection of proper design
  • Selection of right alloy
  • Excellent casting & heat treatment
  • Ground finished and dynamically balanced body

Parason ensures optimum results of the coffee bean refiner plates by –

  • Impact of strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Cavitations resistance

Parason raw coffee bean processing disc/plate is important equipment in the coffee pulping and refining process. To get it at the best price now, please send us an email at

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