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Conical Refiner Fillings

Shallow Angle Cone-Flow Fillings (JC-0 Series):

Parason Conical Refiner Fillings offer an exceptionally high-performance level of fiber processing. We manufacture conical refiner fillings of various designs and sizes to suit the industry requirements.

Parason conical fillings are known for the flexibility they offer in terms of designs that prove to help optimize the process. They are made from high strength, tough and corrosion-resistant stainless steel alloy. The uniform wear property of the fillings ensures a longer life of the product. Precision engineering is carried out to ensure consistent quality and superior performance of the fillings. Parason innovation of ERPTM that is edge retention property makes the application unique and offers energy saver designs.

Parason Conical Refiner Fillings Specifications & Applications

Parason offers cast Conical Fillings for all models of JC-0 refiners. A large number of patterns are available with thick to thin bars suitable for different refining applications.

The fillings are developed with our innovative activities based on ERPTM property which ensures efficient refining life with lower energy consumption.

Along with the Conical Refiner Fillings, Parason also offers the following types of Refiner Fillings

  • Low Angel Mono Block Fillings
  • Tricone Fillings
  • Disperser Fillings
  • HC Defibrator Fillings

Parason also offers different type of refiner plates like

  • Variable Rib Design Plates
  • Finedge Welded Bar Refiner Plates
  • Finedge Milled Refiner Plates
  • Finedge Welded Refiner Plates
  • Finedge Inlet Curved Bar Refiner Plates

At Parason, we can fulfill any demand of the pulp and paper industry irrespective of size and model with customs designs as per requirements.

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