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Defibrator Fillings

Parason makes refiner plates to suit the fiberboard industry such as – Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle Board, Hard Board, Insulation Board, Siding, etc. Our technological expertise pattern making of dams, subsurface dam, root taper, bar design thickness by CNC machines ensures optimum performance. These filling are cast in stainless steel alloy and heat-treated, ground finished, dynamically balanced, and made ready as per the order requirements.

Parason ensures optimum results by selecting the proper design, perfect alloy. The Defibrator Fillings are manufactured with excellent casting and heat treatments. The fillings are ground finished and dynamically balanced.

Specialties of Parason Defibrator Fillings:

Our machines are developed by our technical experts based on the designs that are made by our intelligent teams that are constantly working on research and development. The defibrator fillings are made by taking into consideration the impact of strength the product is going to undergo.

The defibrator fillings are constructed with high wearing resistance. The wear resistance is the loss that equipment encounters when it is subjected to external mechanical actions. Our defibrator fillings are capable of working in all wear resistance conditions and prove to be productive and efficient.

Our defibrator fillings are also made corrosion resistance. This property increases the life of the fillings and helps to save maintenance costs on them. The fillings are made with the best quality stainless steel alloy material that protects it from corrosion. wear, corrosion, cavitation, and abrasion like problems.

The fillings are also capable of withstanding extreme conditions of cavitation and abrasion. It improves the life of the fillings and makes it service for a longer time

Parason Defibrator Filling used in Maize Grinding Disc

Parason defibrator filling has also served in allied industries like Starch, Gum industries, agriculture, etc. The defibrator fillings are used in Parason manufactured Maize Grinding discs that are available in various designs and metallurgy.


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