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Hydraulic Headbox

headbox approach flow machine

Parason specialized Hydraulic Headbox is designed for high-speed operations of paper machines. Hydraulic headboxes are designed for twin-wire forming.

These types of headboxes are available with or without a stabilization chamber. The stabilization chamber is a tube bank(turbulence generator) that is present between the chamber and the slice. Improving the velocity profile of the cross-section is the main function of the tube bank.

• Applications & Salient Features

  • – Manufactured with high-quality material & modern techniques
  • – Used for high-speed machine operations
  • – Can produce higher grade writing/printing papers, coated/uncoated duplex board, tissue papers, etc.
  • – Speed up to 500 m/min & 1200 m/min respectively
  • – Slice width up to 6800 mm

• Advantages

  • – Compact size, therefore, requires less floor space
  • – Higher safety and reliability of operations
  • – User friendly
  • – Low maintenance
  • – Power saving

Hydraulic Headbox

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