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Hole Basket For Pulp Screening & Purification

Parason Hole Screen Basket is useful for purifying the pulp by removing contaminants like dirt, stickies, pins, etc. The pure and clean pulp is useful to manufacture the best quality of papers and paper products in the mills.

The Hole type Screen Baskets are highly sophisticated and manufactured in modern drilling workshops using the best available manufacturing technology. Due to the optimized pitch design, we can achieve the highest open screen areas.

Parason hole screen baskets are ideal for use in stock preparation, as well as the broke system, pulp mill, and approach flow screening, for Parason Screens and all current machines and associated rotor combination of other suppliers.

There are four main types of hole baskets available for screening process –

  • Straight hole
  • Countersunk hole
  • Taper hole
  • Profiled hole

Specifications & Advantages of Parason Hole Baskets

Constant advances in our manufacturing methods yield the highest precision in different hole designs and roundness of the screen baskets. Each screen goes through the hard-chrome process for wear resistance quality.

As a leader in stock preparation equipment manufacturing, Parason has been developing the Profiled Wedge Bar Baskets from the past 25 years.

All types of Parason Screen Baskets efficiently remove dirt, specks & stickies to improve properties like cleanliness, strength, brightness, whiteness, and printability of paper.


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