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Inlet Curved Bar Refiner Plates

Parason Finedge Inlet Curved Bar Refiner Plates are manufactured using special casting & CNC technology to provide the maximum uniformity in the refining zone.

Parason Inlet Curved Bar refiner plates are specially cast in our own foundry to provide uniform hardness throughout. The plates will wear uniformly over time and having a longer bar length. The flow of pulp follows the grooves between the bars and results in longer residence time.

The result of inlet curved bars helps in more gentle refining action which continues over a longer time. Curving the refiner bars at INLET enables them to function better as a pump. The half dams between sectors, further improve the pulp residence time resulting in improved refining.

The PARASON precision Special Casting & CNC manufacturing process provides an accurate groove width, which allows the finer bar to optimize low-intensity applications.

Special Features:

  • Longer pulp residence time High Cutting Edge Length (CEL)
  • Finedge Curved bars function better as a Pump
  • Suitable for Hard Wood & Recycled Fiber
  • Special metallurgy

Special Features:

  • Finedge Curved bars-more gentle refining action
  • Low Specific Edge Load (SEL)
  • Good fibrillation – consistent fiber treatment
  • More throughput
  • Suitable for Hard Wood & Recycled Fiber

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