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Maize, Coffee, & Agriculture

PARASON supply the complete pulp line machinery to manufacture all types of paperboards and fiberboards. The pulp required to manufacture different types of medium-density fiberboard needs to be smooth, uniform, dense, and free from contaminants.

Parason Refiner Plates used in Maize Grinding

We manufacture maize and corn grinding discs for grinding thrashed maize, the maize with cobs/straws, cereal husk, and also other types of grains.

Our maize and corn grinding discs are made of superior quality stainless steel material and are capable of operating with greater durability and performance strength.

Parason serves allied industries like Starch, Gum industries, etc.

Parason manufactures the Maize Grinding Discs in various designs and metallurgies.

Complete range of Maize Grinding Disc from 26″ – 52″ is available with us.

The grinding discs are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Our pulp making machines are developed with the best quality of material that is capable of producing pulp with intaking any types of raw materials. The pulp can be produced from raw material like bagasse, bamboo, waste papers, and paper products, etc.

Old wooden articles, cardboard articles, cartons can also be used in our machines for manufacturing all types of fiberboards and paperboards.

Features of Parason Maize Grinding Discs

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Focused on reducing the load factor
  • Easy maintenance & functions with a large amount of precision
  • Easy installation and can be operated by minimum skilled manpower
  • Designed and engineered by our highly skilled engineers

Parason Refiner Plates used in Coffee/Cocoa Beans Refining

Parason Refiner Plates and Agitator Shafts are used in the processing of coffee beans or cocoa beans to produce products like chocolates. the process requires continuous mixing of different ingredients.

The machine used in this process comprises of refiner plates and agitator shafts. The main aim is to produce well refined and evenly textured beans.

Our refiners are built with powerful engines to convey more power to the process. This reduced the processing time and delivers finely refined particles.

The refiners for coffee/cocoa processing are produced to create minimum noise emission. Our refiners are more cost-effective and versatile as they can produce small, medium, as well as large quantities of stock as per your needs.

Features of Parason Refiner Plates for Coffee/Cocoa Beans

  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Versatility in production amount
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Improved accessibility for inspection and cleaning
  • Significantly fewer maintenance efforts required due to the exact sizing of the refining plates
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