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Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

PARASON supply the complete pulp line machinery to manufacture all types of paperboards and fiberboards. The pulp required to manufacture different types of medium-density fiberboard needs to be smooth, uniform, dense, and free from contaminants.

Parason machines are capable of producing all types of pulp mixtures for different types of MDF. The main raw material included in MDF pulp making is small wood logs, tree branches, wood chips, timber particles, hardwood particles, old and used wood items, softwood residue, etc.

The necessary properties of good quality pulp are that it should be denser and stronger with good dimensional stability. Our machines are developed with specialized technicians using the detailed research and development mechanism with the latest tools and technologies.

Our pulp making machines are developed with the best quality of material that is capable of producing pulp with intaking any types of raw materials. The pulp can be produced from raw material like bagasse, bamboo, waste papers, and paper products, etc.

Old wooden articles, cardboard articles, cartons can also be used in our machines for manufacturing all types of fiberboards and paperboards.

Types of MFD that can be manufactured using Parason machines –

  • Particle Board
  • Laminated Board
  • Fibre Board
  • Veneered Board

Important properties of MFD manufactured by our Pulp machines –

  • Excellent internal bond strength
  • Great modulus of rupture (load carrying capacity)
  • Higher thickness
  • Higher elasticity
  • More water absorption rate

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