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Integrated solution for Molded Fiber Packaging

Parason is specialized in offering complete end-to-end project engineering & solutions to produce sustainable, biodegradable Molded Fiber Tableware Products that can be used in hospitals, corporate cafeterias, universities, restaurants, schools, temples, etc.

Raw material: Bagasse, agricultural waste, sugarcane leftover, wheat straw, bamboo fiber, etc.

The complete process of raw material to finished tableware is carried out in the following sections –

  • Raw material
  • Pulping station
  • Forming station
  • Trimming station
  • Molding station
  • Mesh making
  • Maintenance
  • QC and packaging
  • Finished goods
  • Thermic fluid heater
  • Mesh cleaning
  • Cooling tower
  • Air compressor system
  • Vacuum system

Sustainable bio-degradable tableware can be catered to the following industries –

Restaurants and cafes
Restaurants and cafes
Food festivals
Temples and institutions
Functions and parties
Food trucks
Industry canteens
Food catering
Transport and travelling

Features of Parason engineered solutions produced tableware

Made of agricultural bagasse
100% biodegradable
Freezer friendly
Heat friendly
Hygienic and healthy
Oil and water resistant
Microwave friendly


3D lay out of Molded Fiber tableware plant
8 TPD Stock Line with 6 TPD Tableware Capacity
Molded Fiber Production Line
Molded Fiber Production Line
Complete Molded Fiber Tableware Manufacturing Machinery
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