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High Quality Paper Product Machinery

Paper products are the future of traditional tableware and crockery. Paper products like paper plates, paper cups, glass, bowls, etc. are highly demanded in the food packaging and transportation sector as it the single most safe and cost-effective alternative to the new food delivery system. Parason manufactures and supplies the best equipment and paper product machinery for manufacturing disposable and eco-friendly moulded paper products.

molded fiber forming

Which machinery is supplied by Parason?

Parason is India’s leading and best pulp and paper machine manufacturer. Our machines are demanded and liked by the top paper industries across the world. The machines and equipment needed for paper product manufacturing include pulp line machines as the foremost important part to develop the pulp that is going to be used as the material of the paper products.

There are different equipment and spare parts that are used in the pulp line system that process the raw material to make pulp out of it. The paper product making machinery includes trimming and forming machines with moulds that produce paper products of desired shapes and sizes.

What can be manufactured with Parason paper product machinery?

The Parason forming and trimming machines are widely used for producing food carrying products like paper plates, paper cups, paper glass, use-and-throw plates, and spoons, etc.
Along with this, there is a huge demand for our machine in the food packaging industry for making disposable food containers like boxes, bowls, 4-5 compartment plates, wrappers, etc. These products are mainly needed for delivering online food orders.
As the technology is developing, the online food ordering system is not going to stop so soon. So, if you are planning to set up a disposable tableware manufacturing unit, this is the right time to invest as this industry is going to flourish in the coming years.

What is paper product making machinery cost?

There are several factors that contribute to the paper product making machinery cost. These costs depend upon the nature of the products, quantity of the products, time and energy used for manufacturing, machine runnability, type of machines, type of raw material, etc.

The average cost to set up a new paper product plant is between ten to fifty crores INR including the pulp line set up.

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Disposable paper products manufactured with Parason paper product machinery – 

Our moulded fibre products can be catered to the following events –

Restaurants & cafes, food catering, food trucks, functions, parties, food & music festivals, airlines & railways, temples & institutions, industry canteens.

Features & Advantages:
  • Microwave friendly
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Freezer friendly
  • Made of bagasse & agricultural waste
  • Hot friendly
  • Hygienic & healthy
  • Water & oil resistant
  • Safe for home

We recently supplied a 5 compartment paper plate making die supplied to our client. The below images shows the picture of a die that makes the paper product and the image on the right shows the paper plate that has been manufactured without moded fibre machine and molds.

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