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Parason manufactures all types of paper recycling equipment that are designed by our highly qualified designers and engineers. Parason is a trusted supplier of paper making machinery and equipment internationally. All types of paper recycling equipment are used in paper recycling machines in the paper mills.

paper recycling machine (plant)

The main types of equipment of the paper producing machine are –

Pulping Machinery:

It is a big container where the pulp is formed from the raw material. The raw material is collected in the vessel and broke down into pieces with chemical and mechanical processes. Parason pulper are of different types – High consistency pulper, Dilution pulper, Off-center pulper, D-type pulper. The elements in a pulper are – Ragger, Rope cutter, Pulverizer, Trommel screen, Dehydrating screw conveyor.

Cleaning Machinery:

Cleaners are used for cleaning and removing impurities from the pulp. The equipment in the cleaning process is – Medium density cleaner, High-density cleaner, Centricleaner, Medium consistency centricleaner, Trapmagni.

Screening Machinery:

The equipment used in the screening process are Turbo separator, Medium consistency screen, High consistency screen (vertical), Horizontal pressure screen, Reject screen for washing cycle, Reject sorter, Slotted vibrating screen, Fractionizer, Combo screen, Fibermizer. Low consistency screen, Reject screen – washing cycle

Deinking System:

It contains a Deinking system, Sand trap.

Pulp Thickening Machinery :

Thickener process contains Folded thickener, Disc thickener, Poly disc filter.

Dispersion System:

Dispersion system contains Mini Disperser.

Refining Machinery:

Refining process contains Twin disc refiner, Confiner.


The types of equipment in the deflaking system are Hole type deflaker, Ring-type deflaker, Conical type deflaker.


The agitation process is done with Agitator.

Reject Handling Equipment:

It includes The fiber and water recovery systems.
The equipment directly used in a paper machine is Accujet high turbulence headbox, pope reel automation, mill winders, salvage rewinders, synchronous-on the fly sheeters.

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