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Printing Paper Machine

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Parason Machinery is an expert in Printing Paper Machine manufacturing and supplying to the Pulp & Paper Industry. Parason is focused on Research & Development. Many types of research are done by Parason has shown that latest technology proposed by Parason not only enables Paper Mills to increase its Paper quality but also reduces huge power consumptions of machines which is the key point of Profit for Paper Industry.

compatible quality provides that crisp clean blue white shade and unusually smooth surface that means razor sharp images and colors that pop. We also understand you need jam-free runnability with reduced paper dust contamination and printability for highest productivity to meet the tough standards set by Canon, Brother, HP, Epson, Xerox, and other.

Parason Printing paper machine
parason writing-printing paper machine

Cost effective production means that paper buyers can choose a lower weight paper without loosing the feeling of quality while providing cost savings for Paper mills.

Right Printing Paper Machine Solution

There are various types of paper and the use of paper also differs. Paper is widely used throughout the world for many uses, the hence different paper quality paper also is widely used as per the requirement. Paper is decomposable material that does not harm the environment, as well as paper, can be recycled for nine times. This use of paper is fully efficient which can be decomposable as well as recycled.

Printing paper also has various types in it used for various reasons. Inkjet printer paper, laser printer paper, matte, bright white, glossy and other normal paper are the type of printing paper on which printing is possible

Inkjet Printing Paper

Inkjet paper has different forms which work well with inkjet ink. It is designed for specific use with inkjet printers. This type of paper is used for photo printing, business card, and greeting card, etc. This type of paper needs a particular surface that can print inkjet ink and do not spread.

Laser Printer Paper

Laser paper is the best to use with a laser printer. Laser printer gives excellent image quality on laser paper. Laser paper is one of the strongest papers, which give the perfect quality of images.

Matte Printing Paper

Matte paper is most frequently used as it is suitable for everyday printing. It gives the matte finishing to the paper and better image quality. White coating on the paper helps the ink dry faster as compared to other paper. This paper easily accessible on time for an emergency document.

Bright White Printing Paper

The bright paper is a soft paper that is non-textured, that makes them ideal for high quality. The brightness of the paper ensures that both sides of the paper can be printed. The ink does not show up on another side. The quality and thickness of the paper are high.

Glossy Printing Paper

Glossy paper is mostly used for printing of photos rather than text, as it has the ability to produce sharp images and catch brilliant colors. The glossy surface gives higher clarity to the image that of the matte paper. Glossy paper absorbs the ink and can give sharp image clarity.

Writing paper is made of a various type of fiber pulp. The quality of the paper is based on the quality of the fiber used. The normal writing paper has various other factors as that of the printing paper. The printing paper has a thickness as compared to normal paper. Printing paper is also available in a lot of sizes, as per the printing requirement

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