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Best Performing Pulp Making Equipment

The pulp is a basic material that is used to produce paper

Paper is usually composed of cellulose fibers obtained from wood chips, while the pulp is a soft, humid, and unfinished matter. Recycled pulp is also called as de-inked pulp. The pulp is been prepared by adding chemicals to the mixture of papers and water. The chemicals remove the ink and unwanted contaminants from the mixture. The process is termed as de-inking and it is used as a raw material for papermaking.

pulp (stock) making equipment

Parason produces the following types of pulp making equipment –

High Consistency Pulper, Dilution Pulper, Off Centre Pulper, Parason D-type Pulper, Fiber Saver, Ragger, Rope Cutter, Wet Strength Pulverizer, Trommel Screen, Dehydrating Screw Conveyor. 

The machinery performs the operations of adding water to the raw material and applying mechanical actions on it to separate fibers from each other. Screens are used with slots or holes to remove contaminants. Spinning the pulp slurry is performed in a cleaner that causes dense materials to move outward and be rejected. Air bubbles are passed out through the pulp slurry. Ink particles are removed from the slurry to avoid inking.

Tiny particles are removed by passing water through the slurry or pulp. Bleaching is performed while the paper is to be prepared. The clean/bleached fiber is made into a new paper product. Process water can be cleaned for reuse. The leftover unusable material like main ink, plastics, filler, short fibers, is called sludge. It is buried or burnt to create fertilizer out of it.

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