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Parason medium-consistency pressure screens are used in pulp screening

To replace the high consistency screens and some parts of the cleaners that operate at low consistency. This enhances the pulp drying process and improves pulp quality.

Parason machine screens are equipped with a new type of Parason Screen Basket for low consistency screening operations, based on our advanced manufacturing technology.

Our screen baskets are modified from the experience gained in over 500 deliveries worldwide that help them to achieve the perfection that is needed.

pulp screening system

The following types of baskets are used for pulp screening are made by Parason –

Special features of Parason Pulp Screening –

  • Multi-stage system for the high screening efficiency and low fiber loss
  • Hole and Slotted type screen baskets for effective junk removal properties
  • Removal of heavy and lightweight impurities
  • De-aeration of the pulp suspension
  • Less wear because of low slot passing speed in screens and efficient sand removal in cleaners
  • Specially designed bars with an optimized profile in order to obtain good efficiency and production
  • All screens are equipped with plated baskets for high wear resistance
  • Solid and robust machine design
  • Minimum space requirements and easy installation

Parason screens are fine for pulp screening of concentrations up to 5% and are provided with the high performing Screen Baskets. They are available in a range of sizes to meet the capacity demands of your paper mill. The screen is provided from the bottom of the screen and pulp is provided through the rotor into the screening zone. This ensures that harmful heavy particles are retained at the bottom of the screen and will be removed by the junk trap.

The accept is taken out from the outer edge and reject is gathered below at the bottom of the screen basket. A specially designed rotor dilution system has been implemented, which allows the most efficient utilization of the whole pulp screening area and cleans reject particles from fibers. This enables constant operation of the screen. The precise control of this dilution water also guarantees the desired reject consistency out from the screen. The rotor facilitates better pulp coverage of the entire pulp screening area at a uniform speed.

Parason Screen Rotors are built for high consistency screening and the Parason Screen Basket for the highest shive removal efficiency. The screen has been specially designed for ease of maintenance and service.

Parason Screen Basket design with superior dynamic strength ensures the reliability of the Screen Basket while allowing the higher open area. The shape of the bars and profiles also contributes to success. Combining the high open area with the same or lower passing speed gives better possibilities to increase production capacity, improve accept quality, or do both at the same time.

While reaching a high removal efficiency of undesired particles, the extremely wear-resistant and durable Screen Basket also reduces screening costs as the basket life span is longer and the production capacity of existing screens is increased. The lower pressure drop and flow resistance through the slots result in increased capacity and reduction in pumping energy. Parason Screen Basket also reduces thickening and improves screening efficiency.

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