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Asymmetric Fiber Saver

Application & Features

Parason Asymmetric Fiber Saver (AFS) is a pulper detrashing machine for both low-consistency pulper and high-consistency batch pulper. In the Asymmetric Fiber Saver, the rotor screen unit is arranged Offsetally to the asymmetrical machine housing.

The specially designed Parason AFS is capable of removing up to 70% contaminants from the pulp. The equipment maintains stable trouble-free production at the pulper loop thus reducing the load on the pulper. The asymmetric design helps to omit the blockages, reduce wear resistance and rotor damage which also makes it difficult for the big-sized contaminants to flow against gravity.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces fiber loss in the pulping process
  • Efficient & power saving process
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Longer service life
Results of flow simulation performed using latest computational fluid dynamics software

Technical Specifications:

AFS Model AFS – 08 AFS – 15 AFS – 30
Volume (m³) 0.8 1.5 3
Power (kW) 55 75 110


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