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Parason Under Pulper (UTM)

Parason Under Pulper UTM

Use PUP for higher capacity & higher consistency pulping

Parason Under Pulper (PUP) is a solution developed with proven & reliable technology for higher capacity and higher consistency pulping needs. The vat is designed such as to improve the pulp circulation and achieve a better deflaking effect.

The rotor is fixed in the accept chamber with a perforated screen plate and discharge nozzle. The operation is based on active circulation with the help of pumping vanes and deflaking using spoke vanes.


  • – Optimum rotor size for excellent slushing
  • – Suitable for dry broke and press broke
  • – 3% 6% pulp consistency with lower power consumption
  • – Compact design with low VAT height for effective slushing


  • – Slushing wet strength, board, coated, and special grades/slabs
  • – Higher capacity operations
  • – Suitable for high consistency pulping requirements

Main Specifications:

PUP Model PUP 24 PUP 33 PUP 42 PUP 50 PUP 63
Rotor Dia (mm) 610 845 1060 1270 1600
Power (kW) 30 90 75 200 110 400 132 500 250 710

Parason Under Pulper

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