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Refiner Fillings

Parason Refiner Fillings are manufactured with a wide range of metallurgies for fulfilling industrial needs.

The Refiner Fillings are manufactured in various patterns and bar designs to make them suitable for different types of refiners.

We develop custom types of refiner fillings that will suit your refiners and machines and help to yield productive and efficient products.

Our development operations are continuously focussed to manufacture cost-effective machines with the best quality material and compact + efficient designs.

We are committed to providing you the latest know-how and applications in refining by keeping the costs down at the same time.

Details & Specifications: Refiner Fillings

Parason Refiner Fillings are available from 12″ to 64″ size and 25 HP to 8000 HP power.

Our fillings are developed by ensuring the right stainless steel alloys that guarantee minimum wear and tear and are capable of long-lasting performance. The fillings are manufactured on excellent casted machined and finished discs.

All our refiner fillings come with enhanced plate life and are capable of power-saving from 6kW to 22kW per hour.

Parason Refining Plates work on the principle of Scissors. The multiple resolutions and number of bar crossings create millions of scissors edges. Refining takes place at the bar edges, hence it is essential to have the right angle bar edge during refining.

The casting of refiner fillings is done by using the latest technology to provide the best condition for the alloys in temperature, time, melting technique to determine the best-suited alloy. A lot of consideration is given to erosion, corrosion, wear resistance of the refiner plates.

Parason discs with ERP have shown improvement in the energy consumption with power-saving from 6 kW per hour to 22 kW per hour in various applications grossly the power saved.

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