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Refiner segments to optimize the refining process of your mill

Parason Refiner Segments are available in various ranges like 34“, 40“, 42“ & 48“DDR

The Refiner Segments comes with overhung plate designs with a higher outer diameter that increases the capacity of the refiner & cutting edges of plates.

This results in increased plate life and improved pulp quality with enhanced capacity.

There are three basic metallurgical properties required in any Refiner Discs – These are Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, and Breakage Resistance.

There must be a correct balance of these three properties in order to make it efficient and increase its long life working.

It is necessary to improve the toughness without scarifying the wear resistance which is a great challenge.

Parason has developed a wide range of metallurgy to suit refining various applications.

New proposed bar designs go through intensive R & D focused on field requirements like throughput, plate life & energy savings with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

refiner segment

Parason Refiner Fillings Offers design to suit pulp & paper industry needs (pulping/refining). The refiner fillings are available from 12″ to 64″ size and 25 HP to 8000 HP power loading. Our all refiner plates are manufactured using the right alloy i.e. stainless steel alloys. They are excellently cast, machined, and finished discs.

The power-saving mechanism is made from 6 KW – 22KW/hrs. The plate life is enhanced for long term use of the plates. It is designed for uniform process results. Parason refiner discs are precision CNC enabled disc profile with sophisticated software.

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