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Turbo Separator

Applications & Salient Features

Parason Turbo Separator is a disc screen specially designed for coarse screening primarily for pulp strainers with a high trash and flake content like recycled paper.

  • Most suitable in the screening of pulp slurries with high trash and flake content
  • Can also be used as a secondary screen with a cylindrical screen in the first stage
  • Higher deflaking potential and ensures reliable operation
  • Contaminants removal of both light and heavy rejects separately

Working Principle

The pulp stock is feed to the inlet chamber through a tangential inlet. Inlet chamber is also having a heavy reject outlet and a light reject outlet at the center of the chamber door. Between accept chamber and inlet chamber, there is a screen with a rotor having several curved blades.

Main Specifications:

450 25-30 45 1470
650 55-65 55 1470
900 80-100 90 1470
1000 100-130 110 980
1200 130-160 132 980


Turbo Separator

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