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Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Making Machine

What is sugarcane bagasse?

The sugarcane bagasse is the main residue product of the Indian agricultural industry. Sugarcane bagasse pulp is considered a fine raw material for manufacturing paper and sustainable tableware products. The bagasse is a fibrous waste left after the juice is squeezed out from the sugarcane by pressing it.

Generally, sugarcane bagasse is yellowish-gray to lemon-colored consisting of lignin and cellulose fibers. Sugarcane bagasse is a mixture of hard fibers and soft parenchyma i.e. bagasse pith. Bagasse is rich in cellulose content. The chemical composition of sugarcane bagasse is majorly 50% cellulose, about 25% hemicellulose, and about 25% lignin.

Sugarcane bagasse pulp & its applications

The sugarcane bagasse pulp is a smooth slurry-like texture generated from the bagasse with the help of sugarcane bagasse pulp-making machines. It is an even mixture with good absorption capacity which gives it a large range of applications.

The sugarcane bagasse pulp can be bleached to obtain long fibers which are used to produce high-grade writing/printing paper, tissue paper, kraft paper, coated paper, paper board, sustainable tableware, etc.

Sugarcane bagasse pulp advantages

  • Easy to source because of the large scale sugar industry
  • The cellulose content in bagasse is 50%-55% which is equivalent to wood fibers
  • Sugarcane bagasse contains 20% lignin that makes it easy to cook
  • Bagasse has a strong absorption ability that makes the bagasse pulp rigid and strong.
sugarcane bagasse pulp machine line (plant)
Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Making Machine Line

Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware Making Machine

Parason offers complete integrated solutions for making compostable tableware from sugarcane bagasse. Parason complete solutions of sugarcane bagasse pulp-making machines are developed with advanced technology and research improvements. The sugarcane bagasse pulp renewable and eco-friendly product is of high quality. Some of the major sustainable tableware products made from disposable sugarcane bagasse are food containers, packaging containers, food packaging boxes for easy transport, molded fiber plates, glasses, bowls, trays, etc. The machines used for manufacturing sturdy, rigid, and reliable compostable tableware products are –

sugarcane bagasse machine

How is sugarcane bagasse tableware produced?

The sugarcane bagasse pulp-making process is similar to that of making paper pulp with pulping machines. The pulp is passed on to the forming machines where tableware items like bowls, plates, etc. are formed with proper shape and size with the help of molds. After the tableware product has formed, it is dried and sent to the trimming machine for trimming its edges to retain a finished product. The molds are manufactured with different platen sizes and shapes according to the requirements. The disposable tableware machines are available in variable manufacturing capacities ranging from 5 TPD to 500 TPD.Sugarcane bagasse is a kind of biodegradable tableware-making resource with high quality. At Parason, we have rich experience in manufacturing machines that produce excellent quality sustainable tableware.

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