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“Parson has supplied Screen Baskets for our METSO Screen Model DC10. The performance of their basket was at par with imported baskets and repeat order was placed on them.”

Banwari Paper Mills Ltd

“The Poly Disc Filter (PDF) size 3.7 Dia 10/12 has been in use for the past 11 months and we are happy to inform you that its performance is found to be very satisfactory. We have attained the specified throughput with the provision for increasing further in the future. The clarity of cloudy and clear filtrates are as per the purchase order.”

Diyan Papers

“We have installed the complete pulp line of Parason Machinery right from the pulper to the top. Parason helped us to establish a complete pulp mill by understanding our requirements with their intelligent technical staff”.


“The deflakers designed and manufactured by Parason and delivered to us fully meet our requirements and successfully operate at our glass fiber mill. Parason Machinery provided clear and exhaustive installation and start-up instructions so our specialists were able to install the equipment correctly.”

Lohia Paper & Board

“The disc filters supplied by Parason of size 3.7 Mtr. (12) discs are working satisfactorily at our mill for the last 3 months. We are satisfied with the performance and hope that Parason will continue the same spirit in the future also.”

Mehali Papers

“The Disc Filter supplied by you of size 5.2 meters (5/8) is working satisfactorily at our mills from last 6 months. We appreciate the efforts taken by Parason team.”

Eco Tech Papers

“We are pleased to inform you that, since last seven years the unit of Parason Disc Filter and Parason Dispersion System is working in our Eco-Tech Papers. These units have been working more or less maintenance-free and smooth in the performance. The Parason Disc Filter and Dispersion System have improved the quality and strength of the paper using these systems”

Aadharshree Paper Mill

“The complete stock preparation supplied by you has been commissioned and is in operation. We are happy to inform you that its performance is satisfactory. Paper quality is also very good because of pulping process and pulp quality is very good.”

Agrimasters Paper

“The complete stock preparation supplied by Parason has been in operation for the last 5 months. The performance is very satisfactory with good pulp and paper quality.”