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The success tale of Agrimaster

How the spectacular performance of Parason Pulp Line Enhanced Agrimaster’s Paper Quality

Agrimaster Pvt. Ltd. is a leading paper mill in Egypt focused on agricultural investments and developments.

Business Challenge

The professionals of Agrimaster wanted to install a complete pulp stock preparation line that would yield excellent quality of pulp for manufacturing the best quality papers.

Business Solution

Parason provided valuable support and guidance for the implementation of complete stock preparation pulp equipment and machines that are necessary to manufacture superior quality pulp and paper.

Transformation Story

Agrimasters Paper Mill was struggling with the quality of pulp that was required to produce papers with the expected quality standards. The papers used to break and had very little tensile strength.

The inefficiency of their machines to produce smooth, refined, and fine pulp was an obstacle in manufacturing good quality of papers.

Agrimasters decided to go for replacing the complete machinery of their stock preparation equipment with Parason Machinery. We had a meeting and it was decided to install the production line that would perform at satisfactory levels.

Our technicians and team members consulted with them on the capacities of the machines by understanding their production requirements. The quantity and quality of the end product were taken into consideration and the machine designing began.

Sooner, a complete Parason stock preparation equipment line was installed at Agrimasters, Egypt.


Parason Pulp Line Machinery was installed 5 months before we received a letter from Agrimasters in which they wrote to us praising the outstanding performance of our stock preparation equipment that yielded a premium quality of pulp which was extremely satisfactory for them.

Appreciating the performance of all our machines and equipment, Agrimasters also commended us on our supply of machinery on international standards.

The Managing Director of Agrimaster wrote,

“The complete stock preparation supplied by you has been in operation for the last 5 months. We are happy to inform you that its performance is very satisfactory, paper quality is also very good because of the pulping process and pulp quality is very very good.

Congratulations to Parason Machinery on manufacturing and supplying stock preparation equipment on international standards.

Especially thanks to Mr. Vikas Jha and Mr. Sanjay Vani who took care of the installation till the paper reel and made the project successful.”

Parason is one of the leading pulp and paper machine supplier worldwide. Our services and solutions are the most preferred across Asia and the Gulf countries.

Parason took complete care of performance right from the beginning of the installation until the final paper was rolled out. Agrimasters were fully satisfied and very happy with the quality of the paper they obtained with the help of our machines. They especially appreciated the efforts of our officers Mr. Vikas Jha and Mr. Sanjay Vani who have a big share in making this entire project successful.