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Pulping system for white-blue shaded smooth tissue manufacturing

Parason fiber line system for tissue paper making provides you with production facilities for different tissue paper grades. But our solutions are not only limited to supplying fiber line systems. We support you with our very committed after-sales service, complete setup of your tissue paper mill, engineered wear parts, and various engineering services like audits and capacity expansion.

Check out our complete pulp and stock preparation solution for producing all grades of tissue paper

Parason’s fiber line system for tissue paper

Hi-Consistency Pulper

Excellent Defiberizing: Fiber to fiber friction creates excellent defiberizing and maintained the fiber length in original size.

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Dilution Pulper

The dilution pulper has the due function of separating the plastics and other foreign material and also dilute the high consistency for stock transfer for further processing.

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Inclined trommel Screen

To lessen the contaminant load on FiberSaver(PFS), the light rejects normally directed to Trommel Screen.

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Screening Machinery

Get Parason pulp screening machines for effective separation of contaminants to obtain pure pulp and increase the paper quality of your mill.

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Deinking Machinery for tissue paper manufacturing

This enhances brightness to a high degree and reduces dirt, specks, and stickies efficiently. The injectors optimize the quantity of air injected and the size of the bubbles generated.

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