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Triconic Tackles

Tricone Tackles (or Tricone Fillings) are developed with a simple yet effective mechanism that helps to provide great reliability and efficiency. Tricone fillings help you to produce high-quality pulp for making paper and paper products in your mill.

Parason Tricone Tackless improves the performance of the refiners by providing minimum downtime and reducing the machine maintenance costs. They are available in variable patterns and sizes to adjust as per the refiner requirements.

These tackles are capable of processing any type of raw material. The pulp obtained by using the tackles is softer and more flexible to be turned into any type of paper and paper products.

Triconic Tackles for Pulp Refiner
Triconic Tackles for Pulp Refiner

Tricone Tackles Specifications & Advantages:
  • Our triconic tackles are available for all models of RTC 1000, RTC 2000, RTC 3000, RTC 4000
  • They are highly suitable for all manufacturing different grades of paper
  • Our fillings are available in both cast and fabricated types
  • Variable standard patterns are available for HW and SW refining, broke refining, and refining of various specific fiber types
  • Fine edge refiner plates are available to suit the application for improved capacities in both short and long fiber refining

The tricone tackles are capable of processing the recycle material like paper, cardboard, waste fiber, etc. to make pulp. Different types of fiber differ in the process of making pulp. Our tricone tackles are affordable and installed quickly with full guidance and training. We also provide spare parts for pulp machines to ensure the smooth working of the equipment.

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If you have any queries, feel free to write to us. We are always ready to provide you complete guidance regarding the pulp and papermaking machines.

tricon tackles for pulp refining
tricon filling
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