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Variable Rib Design Plates

variable rib design plate for pulp refiner

Parason manufactures Variable Rib Design Refiner Plates using special casting & CNC technology that provides maximum uniformity in the refining zone.

The special cast technology provides uniform hardness throughout the variable rib design refiner plates.

This helps the plates to wear uniformly.

This design of variable ribs ensures the minimum shortening or damage to the fiber which gives better strength in the paper with higher breaking length.

There is a base taper in the disc for better throughput & optimization of the hydraulic capacity of the disc.

The SAS design offers close control over the cutting angle of the refiner disc.

The main specifications & applications of Parason variable rib design refiner plates are:

  • They are suitable for mixed furnish refining
  • Normally long fiber & short fiber need to refine separately with different bar patterns as per required SEL & CEL
  • The variable rib design is made to deal with mixed furnish
  • The peripheral velocity for the long fiber zone is little lowered than the HW zone which is a need for respective furnish
  • The retention time for long fiber is higher than short fiber
  • The rib height for the long fiber zone is higher & smaller for short fiber zone to give the desired refining effect

Special Features

  • Inlet Coarse Pattern
  • Outlet Fine Bar Pattern
  • Base Taper
  • No Breaker Bar
  • SAS Design
  • NO Dam
  • Inclined Parting Line between 2 Zones


  • High Fibrillation
  • Power Saving / T / oSR
  • High Throughput
  • No Collar Formation
  • Less Fiber Cutting
  • No Plate Clashing


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