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Refiner Disc from OEM for Pulp refining

Parason refiner disc specialists working on the latest technology to develop cost-efficient solutions. We offer a range of high-performance refiner disc to optimize production costs and pulp quality.

Parason delivers customized solutions in the form of high-consistency refiner disc for mechanical pulp producers, dispersion processes, and chemical pulp refining. State-of-the-art technology allows for energy savings and pulp quality enhancement.

Parason is the paper pulp making machine, which manufactures paper pulp. The pulp is the basic component of manufacturing paper. It is formed by the mixture of fiber and water. It is a soup like material which includes grinded cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber can be obtained from any fiber material like waste paper, vegetable fiber, cardboard, etc.

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Pulp refiner machinery spare parts

Pulp machine help to maintain the quality of pulp and give efficient results. Machines are designed by the guidelines of experienced engineers and experts that made machines which give beneficial products.

Best Refiner Discs for Making Quality Pulp

Refiner means cutting the fiber material into a fine particle. Pulper has other spare parts manufactures at Parason. Spare parts help the machine to reduce the load. Refiner disc is the spare parts used in pulper. It allows the pulp to grind the mixture. The pulp material is repeatedly passing through the rotating bars, which help the fiber to cut into small pieces. Refiner disc separates the contaminants and lets the pulp pass through. Contaminants like ink, shives and plastic material which can contaminate the pulp.

Refiner disc has scissor like design which can grind as well as remove the contaminants to pass into another container. Parason refining solutions provide uniform and efficient fiber development with ultra-low intensity refiner plates/disc. Refiner disc scissor principle helps the fiber to reduce the length of the fiber. Long fiber is cut into small pieces by reducing its width and length.

Parason focus would be on the points given below:
  • Refining audit focus is on an existing audit in detail.
  • To evaluate best suitable design and suitable alloy as per application.
  • To make on site field service available.
  • To discuss and arrest problems with clear understanding and action plan.
  • Latest advances in refining technologies made available at ease.
  • Always optimization of available refining resources.
  • Improving refining energy efficiency should be a priority in ever mill. It’s a win from every angle.

Refiner disc has the three basic metallurgical properties required; Corrosion resistance, Wear resistance, Breakage resistance. It is necessary to have the correct balance of these three properties. Refiner disc works in a continuous process in the liquid pulp. It is must that refiner disc should be stainless steel. Parason spare parts are made from own foundry material that includes stainless steel. Refiner disc has corrosion resistance function.

Wear resistance is improved without sacrificing to transform all meta stable microscopic phases into the stable microscopic phases. The wear resistance of the disc is improved without sacrificing the breakage resistance. Refiner disc has strength development of fiber with good fibrillation constituent fiber treatment.

Refiner disc has low Specific Edge Load (SEL) with higher throughput. Refiner disc is suitable for hardwood, softwood, and recycled fiber and consumes less power.

Looking for Refiner Discs for your paper Mill?

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