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Parason Group is the largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery. Parason offered products are widely used by Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Paper Mills in 63+ countries across the globe.


Our Industries 

We manufacture and supply machinery for the industries of Pulp & Paper, MDF, Maize, Coffee & Agriculture, Defense, and Disposable Tableware


Our Services and Solutions

Our services include providing complete solutions for Refining Improvements, Screening, Pulp Mill Audits, and End-To-End Plant Engineering

Our Services & Solutions

disposable -tableware -bagasse

Molded Fiber Products Solutions

Parason disposable tableware manufacturing machinery produces the best quality products as an eco-friendly solution to plastic.

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[bunch_about_company title=”About us” text=”Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of pulp and paper machinery. Renowned scientist & metallurgist Dr. Desarda is Founder & Chairman of the Company. Parason started its first research unit for pulp and paper machinery in the Year 1977. Parason is focused on Research & Development. Many types of research done by Parason have shown that the latest technology proposed by Parason not only enables Paper Mills to increase its Paper quality but also reduces the huge power consumption of machines which is the key point of profit for the Paper Industry. Parason offered products are widely used by Kraft, Tissue, Writing, Printing, and Hard Board Paper Mills.” first_img=”8977″]
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