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Complete stock preparation solution for all layers of your lightweight Duplex Board manufacturing

Every year, there is a general upward trend in the sales of consumer products, which in turn drives up the need for packing solutions. Demand for coated duplex boards is consistently increasing.

Parason is a leading manufacturer and supplier of duplex board mill machinery and equipment for making duplex paper boards. One of the most sold Parason machines is the duplex board making machine.

We as Parason, provide you with a turn-key solution for establishing your complete duplex board manufacturing mill. We undertake complete responsibility for setting up your multi-layer duplex board manufacturing unite.

Parason provides you with a complete speciality pulp and fibre line system for different layers of your duplex board products. With our fibre line solutions, you get lighter board produced without losing on functional and visual properties. You can create packaging solutions that truly drive your brand loyalty.

Duplex board is similar to paper board or cardboard. It is strong and thin and has a good appearance than cardboard. Duplex board can be manufactured with a smooth and glossy look as well as they can also be rough and un-bright in texture according to your needs.

The duplex board is heavier than other types of papers as it is made with several layers of papers. This type of paper board can be manufactured with different layers like the surface layer (mandatory), the second layer, the third layer, the fourth layer, and so on. Duplex board offers a better look and feel as compared to other corrugated cardboard boxes and hardboard boxes.

The outer surface of duplex boards is moisture and water resistant with smooth finishing. The duplex paper board is mostly used for packaging box purposes of lightweight items like pharmaceutical items, medicine boxes, cigarettes, food packaging, shoebox, garment packaging box, cosmetic packaging box, etc. Other uses of duplex boards include making matchboxes, greeting cards, book covers, packaging of handmade products, etc.