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About Us

Desarda Group of Industries is a Pioneer in manufacturing of Refiners and Refiner Plates/Fillings in India. It is serving the Paper Industry since last more than two and half decades. Started with a small Foundry in the year 1977, by the Chairman Dr. Champalal Desarada, who has completed his Doctorate in Metallurgy from BRNO University, Czechoslowakia with specialisation in High Chrome Steel Alloys

Company Overview

Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery. Renowned scientist & metallurgist Dr. Desarda is Founder & Chairman of the Company. Parason started its first research unit for pulp and paper machinery in the Year 1977.

Parason is focused on Research & Development. Many researches done by Parason shown that latest technology proposed by Parason not only enables Paper Mills to increase its Paper quality but also reduces huge power consumptions of machines which is the key point of Profit for Paper Industry. Parason offered products are widely used by Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Paper Mills. Parason also have specialization in Refiner Discs and these are one of best disc available for Paper mills across the globe. Parason manufactures various products which can be used for number of operations in stock preparation.

Parason have global consultancy services, which supports organization to setup New Paper Mills and also helps existing Paper Mills to archive higher goals. Parason also have international consultants based in Germany, Europe and USA.

Parason have worldwide client base and having majority market in Germany, USA, France, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, Parason serving more than 60 countries across world. Parason has successfully completed many installations for Paper Mills ranging from 25TPD to 400TPD.

Group Companies

1. Parason Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2. Pratishthan Alloy Pvt. Ltd.

As a step-stone, the first foundry was started in the year 1977 in the name and style of “PRATISHTHAN ALLOY CASTINGS”, manufacturing Refiner Plates/Fillings, used in Pulp and Paper Industry, ranging from 12″ to 60″. Our main products are Conical Tackles, Jhyla Refiner Tackles, Wide Angle etc. Looking into high potential in capital equipment of Paper Mills Machinery, we have diversified our manufacturing range to serve the Paper industry with more efficient and reliable equipment “TWIN DISC REFINER” of various capacity (i.e. 13″, 17″, 21″,24″ and 31″) substituting the conventional Double Disc Refiner. For manufacturing this, we have started our second unit “PARASON MACHINERY (INDIA) PVT. LTD”. Parason Twin Disc Refiner is more power efficient equipment on par with the International Standards.

The vital part of the machine is ‘SLEEVE’ , which improves performance of the machine. Choice of Sleeves is crucial one. The wrong choice could end up with stoppages of pump and thereby process could drag on for hours, even days. For manufacturing of exclusively Sleeve, we have taken risk to start a new venture and established a new company namely ‘SUNMOON SLEEVES PVT. LTD’. Here, we manufacture not only SS Sleeves, but, SS Impellers also. They are cast in correct metal having sound Metallurgy which are to be used for chemical, Raw Juice, Acid & Water where ‘Ph’ control is not possible. Our Sleeves are hardened, Centrifugally cast in martensitic stainless steel metallurgy. Corrosion resistant ground finished ID to H7 and OD to F7 tolerance, and back up engineering services.

Gazon Communications is a company initiated by Parason Group. Gazon mainly deals with the industrial networking and automation products and services.

Our Profile

Parason started by Dr. C P Desarda (Doctorate in Metallurgy) from BRNO University, Prague, Czech Republic in 1970. Dr. Desarda innovated manufacturing of Refiner Plate in martensitic stainless steel for first time in India to adapt to Pulp & Paper Industry

India is growing and potential market for Pulp and Paper Industry. Mill strength of 750 to 800 includes big, small, medium and giant mills making all grades of paper but more focused on packaging paper.

PARASON is located at Aurangabad, MS State, India, 425 kms NE of Mumbai.
Aurangabad is city of historic importance. World famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves famous for art, sculptures and paintings are located close to Aurangabad. It is termed as Asia’s 5th largest growing Industrial City.

PARASON  has installed more than 360 pulp streets ranging from 25-550 TPD of different grades of paper manufacturing in India and overseas.

Parason to set-up in house R & D facilities to develop Refiner Disc as import substitute on par with International standards of quality.

Company Overview

PARASON has two dedicated modern foundries and two dedicated machine shops  attached with a finishing unit to meet customer as well as own captive requirements.

  • * Shell molding machines 4 Nos
  • * Induction melting furnace
  • * Centrifugal casting machine
  • * Portable hardness tester
  • * Electric grinders 3 Nos
  • * Swing frame grinders
  • * Welding machines
  • * Core sand mixer

Leadership Statement

champalal C P Desarda Parason Group

Dr. C. P. Desarda

A Mastermind and leader in Engineering

Dr. Desarda an industrialist of par excellence under whose aegis the Desarda Group grew from strength to strength. Doctorate in Metallurgical Engineering with specialization in Chrome steel alloys from Brno University Cz Republic. He has been the driving force and powerful source of inspiration which has been helping Desarda Group to touch new heights. He was a leader of the masses, someone who would often champion the cause of the poor and downtrodden. He was a humanitarian at heart and an avant-garde visionary.

Mr Shekhar Desarda ower parason group

Shekhar C. Desarda


Mr. Shekhar Desarda has many facets to his personality. He is the Chairman cum Managing Director of Desarda Group, Executive Member of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) Saharanpur, India with many technical papers to his credit.

Mr. Shekhar Desarda is the man behind the transformation of a moderately performing company into a world class organisation. After consolidating its position as a leading player in the pulp and paper industry sectors domestically, PARASON, flag ship company of the group has its presence in 60 countries across the globe as valuable supplier of Machinery and spares for Stock Preparation of Pulp and Paper Industry. His ideology is to be a globally admired organisation that enhances the quality of life of all stakeholders through sustainable industrial and business development.


R&D Research Development Certificate


Research and development (R&D, R+D, or Rn’D), also known as research and technological development (RID), refers to innovative activities undertaken by corporations in developing new services or products, or improving existing services or products or the discovery of new innovations that lead to the creation new products

In other words, it’s an ongoing process of investigation that looks forward to create … Systematic activity combining both basic and applied research, and aimed at discovering solutions to problems.

In recognition of the services in the product or system development in house, a certificate is issued for their contribution to new innovation or cost effective technique applied in developing the product on equal level of performance

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Parason has earned distinction of Export House building marketing infrastructure and expertise required for export promotion. It is issued in recognization of such house who are required to operate as highly professional and dynamic institutions and act as important instruments of export growth.

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