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Agrimaster, Egypt Praises Parason Pulp Line Equipment Installation

Gratitude is a Reflection of Success. Received an appreciation letter for the efficient performance of our Pulp Line Equipment installed at Agrimaster Papers, Egypt. The special mentions just heightened our confidence to the next grade!

Parason pulp line was installed at the Agrimaster Paper Mill 5 months ago. The pulp line comprised of Parason pulping machinecleaning machinescreenersthickeners, etc. Today we received a letter commending the performance of our equipment and their efficient working.

The firm praised the efforts of our volunteers Mr. Vikas Jha and Mr. Sanjay Vani for their generous support during the installation and working of the machinery.

Success is not about greatness. It’s about persistence and consistency in hard work. Greatness will come along. And we are proud of our men who make us the achievers in the Pulp & Paper Industry.

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