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How Turkey’s Leading Paper Packaging Expert Achieved Manufacturing Excellence


Olcan Kagit, established in 2022 and headquartered in Gaziantep, Turkey, is a company that strives to manufacture high-quality egg trays for its consumers. A dedication that is clearly visible through its sizable investments in securing a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, including a distributed architecture, centralized process control, process visualization systems, process control algorithms, safety systems, and … Read more

Improving Quality and Strength of Paper for Leading Paper Mill through Innovative Disc Filter and Dispersion Systems

India’s Eco Tech Papers installs Parason Disc Filters and Dispersion Systems to develop aesthetically appealing, high-quality paper. Established in 2014, Eco Tech Papers is an Indian paper mill located in the state of Assam, renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of 100% recycled and eco-friendly multi layer Kraft Paper with a tremendous client base … Read more

Revolutionizing Pulp Yield through Parason Disc Filters for Enhanced Quality and Profitability

Lohia Paper Mill Partners partnered with Parason Machinery to transform their pulp yield, resulting in cost savings, improved product quality – all while enhancing their profitability and competitiveness. Lohia Paper & Boards Pvt. Ltd, a paper mill located in Raipur, India, has come a long way since its inception in 2005, earning a reputation as … Read more

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