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Dr. Hemant Gupta’s Inspirational Speech on Wastewater Treatment Solutions in PaperTech 2019 Conference

The C.T.O. of Parason, Dr. Hemant Gupta addressed the audience with an inspirational speed on ‘Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Paper and Pulp Industry‘ at the 13th PaperTech Conference held at HICC, Hyderabad. The event took place on 16, 17, and 18th September 2019.

Dr. Hemant Gupta presented the treatment of water consumption in the Indian Paper Industry and revealed some important water management technologies. He Presented the key points in Economical and Ecological Wastewater Treatment.

Parason maintains a keen approach towards preserving the ecological balance of our mother earth. Parason focuses on how we can bring technology to our use for our advantage along with serving a hand in environment protection.

Dr. Hemant Gupta ended the speech by explaining the benefits of this process such as,

  • Production of colloidal and bacteria-free ultrapure water
  • High-efficiency reduction of anionic trash
  • Reduction of freshwater consumption
  • Coating containing effluent recovery and reuse
  • Minimization of coating losses
  • Water ready for reuse and will have a shorter treatment time.

The speech also focused on the challenges faced during the process and how our expertise overcome and step up our role in the same.