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Reject Press

Working Principle

Parason Reject Press is developed with pioneering technology to separate wastewater into its solid and liquid components. Reject Press is a combined innovation of filter and press techniques that help to achieve clean water and dry solid particles.

Parason Reject Press machine separates the solids from liquid to achieve the desired consistency of the end product. The solid particles exit the process in a drip-free form. Compared to the conventional separator, the Parason Reject Separator is compact, maintenance-friendly, and time and cost-efficient.

Special Features

  • Efficient dewatering of fine and coarse rejects
  • Dewatering fibrous effluent & sludge
  • Cleaning of process wastewater
  • Replacement of belt presses & centrifuges

    • Advantages

  • Compact design requires less floor space
  • Excellent fiber recovery from wastewater
  • Great time & cost savings
  • Low maintenance requirements

Technical Specifications:

PFP Model PFP 400 PFP 600
Power (kW) 30 45

Reject Press

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