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Combo Screen

Applications & Salient Features

Combo Screen is a light reject handling coarse screen which is capable of de-flaking the stock simultaneously with cleaning and dewatering impurities from the recovered fiber. Pulp enters tangentially from the inlet. The perforated plate and the impeller fitted at the bottom ensures both deflaking & cleaning of the stock. This passes accept to the remaining light reject & fiber goes to the upper chamber where fine separation is done & all rejects (screening zone) are separated & accepts are obtained.


  • Fiber recovery from all rejects
  • Lower fiber loss in operation & power efficiency due to compact design
  • Improvement in the percentage of yield and inlet chamber manufactured with high wear resistance alloy
  • Vision window for inspecting the inlet chamber
  • Well-engineered rotors, machined on CNC machines for greater accuracy
  • Dual operation saves pumping and no-load energy
Fiber free reject of Parason Comboscreen

Successfully Commissioned in Suchi Paper Mill, Ghaziabad

Technical Specifications:

MODEL HRS kw/RPM Pulp mill capacity (TPD)
01 75/1440 100 – 150
02 90/1440 150 – 250
03 110/1440 250 – 500


Combo Screen

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