Screen Baskets
Hole Baskets
hole screen baskets for pulp machine

Parason hole screen baskets are highly sophisticated and manufactured in modern drilling workshops using the best available manufacturing technology. Due to optimized pitch design we can achieve the highest open screen areas.


Parason hole screen baskets are ideal for use in stock preparation, as well as broke system, pulp mill, and approach flow screening, for Parason screens and for all current machines and associated rotor combination of other suppliers .

  • Stock
  • Broke
  • Approach Flow
  • Pulp mill
Top View
straight hole for hole screen basket
countersunk hole for screen baskets
taper hole for screen basket paper machine
profiled hole for screen basket paper machine
Isometric View
straight hole for screen basket
straight holes design for screen basket
taper holes design for screen basket
profiled holes design for screen basket

Open Area Calculation

screen basket holes paper machine

Constant advances in our manufacturing methods yield the highest precision in different hole designs and roundness of the screen baskets. Each screen goes through hard-chrome process for wear resistance quality.

As a leader in stock preparation equipment manufacturing, Parason has been developing profiled wedge bar basket from last 25 years. Parason baskets efficiently remove dirt, specks & stickies to improve properties like cleanliness, strength, brightness, whiteness  and printability of paper.

hole screen baskets for paper mill
Slotted Baskets


Parason screen baskets are developed for use in stock preparation, as well as broke system, pulp mill, and approach flow screening for Parason screens and for all existing non Parason screens and associated rotor combinations of other manufactures.

Constant advances in our manufacturing methods yield the highest precision in different Slotted designs and roundness of the screen baskets. Each screen goes through hard-chrome process for wear resistance quality.

slotted basket for paper machine
Application Based Wedge Bar Designs

Parason has developed different wedge wires considering wide range of screen basket applications as per:

  • Open area requirement
  • Slot size
  • Strength
  • Fiber length
wedge bar screen basket spare parts
Screen Baskets

Some important activities of Parason LOW PULSE Screen

slotted screen basket for pulp machine
Cleaning Efficiency 

Computer controlled Manufacturing process ensures high profile accuracy

Rigid Construction

The Special profile ensures smooth and burr free basket

Uniform Flow

Flow in profile edge creates more turbulence improves throughput and cleaning efficiency

Screen Rotors

Multi Vane Aerofoil Rotor

  • Pulsation free rotor design
  • Suitable for removing dimensionally unstable impurities
  • Special rotor design avoids string formation for low consistency hole and slot screening.
  • Computerised dynamically balanced rotor
  • Manufactured on latest CNC machines with high accuracy
multi vane rotor for screen basket
dolphine rotor screen basket

TF rotor design – Technical features

  • Multi-foil / closed rotor design for high consistency
  • Better pulp fluidization
  • Higher operation consistency
  • Reduces thickening factor
  • Eliminates stringing / fiber hang ups


  • Increased capacity and runnability
  • Optimized foils number position
  • Better pulse distribution over the cylinder surface
  • Helps pushing pulp toward the reject chamber
  • Helps handling change in consistency along the surface screening
  • Handles higher consistency.

Step Rotor

  • Suitable for operation with large flat shaped contaminants.
  • Adjustable speed to suit wide range of requirement.
  • Special design features avoid string formation.
  • Edges hard faced
  • Computerized dynamically balanced rotor.
flat shape rotors for screen basket

Step Rotor

      • Solution Based On Operational parameters
      • Feed consistency
      • Volumetric reject rate
      • Rotor tip speed and rotor frequency
      • Passing velocity
      • Furnish parameters Like Temperature and PH
      • Reject thickening
      • Power consumption

Screening solutions for

  • Kraft pulp
  • Mixed waste
  • OCC
  • Recycled
  • DIP
  • Mechanical Pulp
screening with dolphin rotor
Parason Inflow - Centripetal Baskets
centripetal basket inflow welded profile bars

Your benefits

  • Large, open screening surface
  • High sticky removal efficiency
  • Less energy consumption
  • High stability by welded profile bars
  • Suitable for all centripetal screening machines
centripetal basket for pulp making machine

Advanced rotor and screen basket design and technology

  • High screening efficiency
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Modular design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
Re-Chrome Plating Of Screen Baskets

Extend the lifetime of your screen basket with our re-chroming and repair service. Rebuilding your existing rotors provides substantial cost saving benefits as well as the possibility of upgrading older OEM rotors to newer more productive and energy efficient designs for today’s demanding screening applications. PARASON also offers screen bearing assembly and housing rebuilds.

Screen rebuilds and upgrades are available for virtually all OEM makes and models.

rotor bars for screen basket

To regain profile geometry

Due to operational wear in screening, the heads of profile bars frequently wear out. Rebuilding the chrome layer ensures constantly high screening quality.

PARASON team is specially trained in the analysis of screen baskets so as to be able to determine whether re-chroming is necessary. If so, the old chrome layer of the screen basket is completely removed. It is especially ensured that no change in the geometry of the profile head comes .  The slot width of the screen basket also remains unchanged.

Chrome is one of the materials least susceptible to wear and can also be applied repeatedly. This makes re-chroming the most economical alternative for wear prevention in the case of screen baskets. Re-chroming is provided for the entire screen basket portfolio from PARASON and for those of other manufacturers. The service is also specifically available for hole screen baskets.