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Parason Disc Filters ease the tasks at Lohia Paper Mill

Parason Disc Filter to Lohia Paper Mill
Parason Disc Filter to Lohia Paper Mill

Lohia Paper & Boards Pvt. Ltd., located in Raipur, India is one of the emerging paper and board manufacturers in India. Lohia Paper & Boards was incorporated in 2005 and is running as a successful paper mill in India for a long time now.


Business Challenge

The leaders at Lohia Papers and Boards were looking for disc filters that would help them produce smooth and consistent pulp. The management of Lohia Paper Mill approached Parason for our Parason Disc Filters to achieve higher fibre recovery and thickening for better mat formation.

Business Solution

Lohia Papers needed equipment that would ease their task of pulp thickening and would yield pulp will negligible fibre loss. One of the best equipment of Parason, Disc Filters were installed at Lohia Paper Mill in mid-2020.

Transformation Story

Lohia Papers and Boards Pvt. Ltd. is a paper and board manufacturing mill based in Raipur city of Chhatisgarh state in India. The mill is effectively working from 2005 and serving the paper needs of Indian markets. Around the first quarter of 2020, the paper mill felt the need for replacing the disc filters to improve the quality of filtrate by removing the impurities in the pulp. The management of the paper mill approached Parason for installing our Poly Disc Filters at their base unit as soon as possible. The 12 disc filters with diameter 3.7 meters were dispatched to the paper mill within 72 hours. When the disc filters were delivered to the mill, the installation was done with utmost care and safety under the guidance of the professionals. After a couple of months, we received a letter from the Managing Director of Lohia Papers and Boards Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Ashok Lohia, stating that the disc filters supplied by us are performing well as per their expectations. Appreciating the performance of the disc filters through a letter to Parason, the Managing Director wrote, “The disc filters supplied by you of size 3.7 Mtr. (12) discs are working satisfactorily at our mill from last 3 months. We are satisfied with the performance and hope that you will continue the same spirit in future also.”

The details of the disc filter supplied to Lohia Papers & Boards are as follows –

Diameter: 3.7 Mtr

No. of discs: 12

Flow: 9000 LPM

Cloudy filtrate flow: 60%

Color filtrate ppm: 300

Clear filtrate flow: 40%

Clear filtrate ppm: 200

Furnish: ONP + Record + Mix waste

The installation was carried out under the operational guidance of our professionals. A confirmation call was taken on the working of the disc filters after the installation.


The Managing Director of Lohia Paper Mill, Mr. Ashok Lohia, wrote an appreciation letter to Parason in September 2020 and expressed his content of satisfaction with the working of the disc filters in his paper mill. He also mentioned that the mill will look forward to seeing the same spirit from us.