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Superior Quality Pulp Dewatering Machine

Parason offers the best solutions to achieve productive and cost-saving pulp drying. Parason manufactures pulp dewatering machines to produce high-quality pulp to manufacture papers of different grades.

Our pulp dewatering machines are developed with a lot of innovations and trials. The machines specially developed to effectively separate the solid and liquid from the sludge and give us a clear reject free sludge. We are a leading industry in manufacturing the best machines and equipment that possess high durability, efficiency, and safety products for paper pulp dewatering process.

screw press ( pulp dewatering machine )
Fiber Pulp Dewatering Screw Press Machine

How do Parason pulp dewatering machines work?

Parason pulp dewatering solutions offer you the latest upgraded tools and equipment that ease the task of drying. Our screw press sludge dewatering machines are very productive and yield more in less time.

The complete system developed by Parason is very efficient and reliable. The air enters the bottom cylinder and circulates continuously which causes the air to heat. This hot air goes into the heat recovery sector.

The heat in the humid exhaust is mainly used to heat the additional air that is delivered to the dryer. Very few parts of the set-up are movable which makes it efficient in working and causes less maintenance.

The main purpose of Parason pulp dewatering equipment is to handle the rejects in a cost-effective way. The pulp dewatering system removes the water from the solid. This impacts on the reduced weight and volume of the pulp and helps to gain strong fibres.

Parason pulp screw press & fibre dewatering screw press machine?

Parason Pulp Screw Press is an efficient part of the pulp dewatering process. Parason pulp dewatering screw press dewaters paper pulp at the highest level. It is built with unique features using advanced technology. The fibre suspensions are fed with medium-consistency due to which the screw press achieves outlet dryness.

Parason is an expert manufacturer of fibre dewatering screw press machines of variable capacities and sizes. We manufacture machines as per customer requirements. Our all products are supplied on-time, in-full, and error-free.

Benefits of Parason screw press pulp dewatering system 

  • High throughput & dryness
  • Compact design requires less space
  • High efficient and more productivity
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suitable for different pulp grades
  • Low maintenance requirements

Parason is a well-established pulp and paper machine manufacturing industry. Our machine and equipment are built with our highly skilled engineers with advance technology and features. There are several parts and equipment that contribute to the working of a paper machine.

Fibre Dewatering machine is also a part of the process that is equivalently important. The pulp dewatering machine price in India and in the international market differs as per the specification, capacity, operational mode, etc. of the equipment.

Dewatering System

Why use Parason hydraulic dewatering press machines?

  • 30% – 40% weight reduction of pulp – Parason dewatering machines remove 40 to 50 per cent of the excess water in the pulp and make it as dry as possible keeping enough moisture for the sludge to remain thick.
  • Supports variable raw material input – Parason paper pulp machines are built to process a wide range of raw materials like recycled fibres, virgin fibres, agricultural wastes, bagasse, textile fibres, etc.
  • Easy construction & low maintenance – The dewatering machines developed by Parason are open and are less complex. This makes the operations and repairing of the machines easy. The speciality of Parason machines is that they are low maintenance machines.
  • Reusable water – The water that is squeezed out from the pulp can be reused for the next batch of pulp processing. This helps in saving the water and thus, helps in the growth of the environment.

Advantages of Parason pulp dewatering machine –

  1. Easy to install and operate
  2. Excellent sheet formation
  3. Perfect dewatering effect
  4. Compact design – requires less area
  5. Lower energy consumption
  6. Affordable price

Other dewatering equipment offered by Parason are – 

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